PlayGrids Help Your Pressure Adjustment Installs

By FirstDown PlayBook on Dec 15, 2021

Whenever you dial up pressure as a defensive coordinator you are looking for a big play. The problem is that if you don’t get lined up correctly the big play will be for your opponent. FirstDown PlayBook PlayGrids can help you with your pressure adjustment installs vs multiple formations. This will insure that when the ball is snapped you are sound.

The more ways you can teach something, the better off you are going to be as a football coach. You have heard us say that many times about coaching in general. Installing your pressure adjustments to different formations is no different.

Sometimes you want your players to focus on one formation as you are detailing the individual assignments on a pressure. There are other times, however, when you want the players to see the difference in their alignment vs one formation to another.

This is where FirstDown PlayBook PlayGrids are such an advantage. Essentially PlayGrids gives you the ability to do both with a click of the mouse. You are able to blow up one diagram to focus on specific adjustments to a 2×2 formation. When you do this you know the players are looking at the diagram you want and not another.

Let Us Know What Installs You Want

Switch over to presentation mode or look at the PlayGrid as a whole and now you can begin showing your strong safety that vs a 2×2 formation they are coming on a blitz. If the defense lines up in a 3×1 then now that same player must bump out to cover the #2 receiver. This goes a long way to being sound with your pressure adjustment install.

This is not exclusive to your pressure installation meetings either. Take your PlayGrids to the field for easy solutions at your finger tips as practice or the game is taking place. Take a quick look at this short video. You will quickly see that your pressure adjustment installs can be made a lot easier and better with PlayGrids.