Youth Football Blocking Schemes & Rules

By FirstDown PlayBook on May 12, 2023
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One of the hardest things to teach younger players is how to block. It is not a natural thing to run your body into another at first. Add to this that teaching youth football blocking schemes is foreign to most out there and you have a real challenge on your hands.

Every now and then we will glance at youth football websites. We find it amazing when they sometimes get up in front of you on a video and draw up offensive football plays with no defense in the drawing.

Almost as bad (but not quite) is when we see someone get up and explain the youth football blocking rules for a play vs an absurd defense. You have seen it. You have a youth football offensive formation with all of the players packed in tight. The defense is drawn up like they are defending the spread offense or something. Totally unrealistic and unhelpful once you play a good defensive coach.

Youth Football Blocking Schemes Have To Work Vs Multiple Defenses

The defense is going to line up to stop what you are doing if they understand football. Here is another news flash. There are several different ways to play good defense. There’s a 40 front, a 30 front, a 60 front. If you practice your plays vs only one front you are asking for a disastrous game day.

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You just cannot do this. Put yourself in the position of the young player in a three point stance thinking…”Coach really didn’t talk much about where the defense would be.” or “Coach said that the lineman would be over the guard not the tackle.”

If you expect to have time to teach young football players what you should be teaching them (How to safely block and tackle) you need to come into it prepared. FirstDown PlayBook helps you with that. We provide youth football offensive and defensive help. One of our formations is the youth football Power I that you will see below.

NFL Coaches On 12 Sound Youth Football Offenses

We draw all of your offensive plays up vs six defenses. We fit all of your defenses up against multiple formations. And as always, there are coaching points and player assignments with every play and defense. FirstDown PlayBook can also help you as you begin to package your offensive plays.

Overkill? Maybe, unless you are that young player in his or her stance and the ball is about to be snapped…