Nickel Pressure: 33 Wham 3 FZ

By FirstDown PlayBook on Mar 14, 2023
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The Nickel pressure you see below is one we call 33 Wham 3 Fire Zone. Those who are familiar with FirstDown PlayBook know that we name our plays, defenses and special teams schemes more as a way to catalog them than to define them.

Once you get your hands on the plays and defenses you can edit both the drawing and the coaching points, including the name,

Today we want to take a quick peek at this defensive pressure as it pertains to stopping the run. We often see defenses who sit back and let offenses dictate the play instead of forcing the action. This nickel pressure brings a lot to the table vs the run or the pass. It is aggressive yet sound vs the run or the pass game.

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Sometimes the zone read key can be misleading for an offense if they dial up the play against the wrong defense. We often think of defensive pressure as a way to get home against the pass, but there are other advantages against the run game.

The pressure you are seeing below is called Nickel 33 Wham 3 Fire Zone in the FirstDown PlayBook defensive pressure section. You can click on the link to get all of the coaching points. Of course you can edit the defense and call it whatever fits your system. However, it is important to know that we fit all of these pressures up against multiple formations like 2×2, Bunch and Empty.

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We know you will want to add your own coaching points, but if you ever need a reference, you can click on the defensive diagram below to see the detail that FirstDown PlayBook puts into each and every play.

Will Finley Waldorf