NFL Flag All Hitch Play

By FirstDown PlayBook on Jun 5, 2023
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Trying to throw the football with 7-8-9 year olds can be almost impossible. This is true regardless of if you are talking about a youth football offense or an NFL Flag offense. The strength of this All Hitch NFL Flag play is in its simplicity and ease of execution.

You have to be careful. If you’re not, you might just get convinced by some of the internet coaches that your 8 year old daughter is going to throw a 15 yard comeback. Trust us, no matter if your daughter or son is special, they are not going to throw the ball down the field very well.

That’s why you need to do some things to help your young quarterback out. It’s okay to a have an RPO or two and even a trick play can be fun. For the most part though, you better have some good ole fashioned run plays that are easy to execute. Your pass plays need to be the same.

This All Hitch NFL Flag play is very basic. However, don’t be fooled into thinking that NFL teams do not run the same concept when they dial up a play in a 3rd and 5 situation. The play is not complicated but still hard to stop. The secret sauce with this play is getting everyone to execute as well as possible. Another great thing is that it can be run with different numbers. 4v4 flag all the way up to 8v8 flag.

3 Coaching Points For This NFL Flag All Hitch Play

The first coaching point is that your receivers need to have their inside foot up. This is regardless of how close or wide their split is. This is a basic fundamental that will also help them as they grow older and possibly advance to tackle or higher levels of flag football.

The reason they need to have the inside foot up is so they can execute the next coaching point. Your receivers need to take either 3 or 5 steps to complete their route. If you think this is too complicated, you are wrong. Even 7 year olds can count to 3 or 5. The FirstDown PlayBook Drills section can help with this too.

Face it. Your flag football field may not have lines on it. Having your receivers count their steps is a good way insure they don’t drift down the field too far. This All Hitch play is more about getting to the proper spot than anything else. Another positive is your receivers can play every position on the field for this play. This play is also effective vs man coverage or zone.

Finally, the third coaching point is to show your quarterback your numbers. This is just a descriptive way to let your flag football receivers understand that this is a stationary route. They need to plant and turn on their 3rd or 5th step and look right at the quarterback. Pretty basic right? Take a look at this 50 second video to learn more about how this play is great for your youth tackle football offense too.

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