Chargers Angellica Grayson: Flag Football Drills

By FirstDown PlayBook on May 31, 2023
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One of the luxuries of being FirstDown PlayBook is that we get to rub elbows with folks who are serious about football. These people come from all angles in the football world too. Allow us to introduce you to Angellica Grayson who works in football development for the Los Angeles Chargers.

Angellica is what we like to call “a bright light”. She is not only a former coach and educator. (She will emphasize the “educator” part) She is also a current player in the Womens National Football Conference. We first met her as she was the head coach for the University of Saint Mary’s women’s flag football team.

Fast forward to today as we have had the privilege of working with Angellica in her new role with football development for the Los Angeles Chargers. Angellica Grayson is doing a great job of promoting the game of flag football up and down the coast of California. To be honest, she is promoting it across the country.

Chargers’ Angellica Grayson Provides You Drills & Skills For Your Flag Football Team

This is why we were so pumped when she offered us the chance to use some of her flag football drills that have helped her teach the game. So what we have done today is put together a quick video that shows you how you can find these flag football drills. They will help your defense and your offense.

Why is this so different than what you are going to drudge up on the internet? Well of course because these flag football drills come from a proven veteran flag football expert who has coached both men/women, boys and girls. Here is the other thing. These plays and drills are all editable and in the FirstDown PlayBook format. In other words you can edit them and put them in your own NFL Flag football playbook.

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So take a look at this one minute video. After all, you know the first thing you are going to be doing this flag football season is scanning the internet for drills. Don’t. Angellica Grayson has you covered right here…

Angellica Grayson