Flag Football Jet Sweeps Should Be A Part Of Your Offense

By FirstDown PlayBook on Aug 31, 2022
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There’s this misconception about flag football that is heavily reinforced on the internet. It is one that promotes drop back passing as the only way the game is played on offense. Wrong. Very wrong. There are several reasons that we will get around to in a second. The primary reason is you need misdirection in your flag football offense. One of the best ways to get this is with flag football jet sweeps.

One of the hardest things to do in the game of football is to throw the ball well. This is why you see so many NFL and major college teams flounder. They cannot seem to find that quarterback who can change the game with their arm. If they are having problems just think of your odds.

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You might be playing with an 8 year old who is early in their development as a passer. You might be on an adult flag team and your quarterback is an IT specialist, not a great quarterback. Both of you have the same problem if you are dropping back to throw every time. Your percentages are going to be low, very low. You need flag football RPO’s.

Our endorsement of the jet sweep comes because we also like empty sets in flag football. You are not going to block anyone in flag football, therefor you have to pose a threat in other ways. Lining up in an empty backfield means you could threaten the defense vertically. However if the only thing you do is throw the ball, you have become too one dimensional.

Flag Football Jet Sweeps Give You Horizontal Stretch Too

You create a horizontal threat. The defense now takes pause as the ball is snapped. It is essentially giving you an opportunity for YAC (yards after catch) without throwing the ball. Some of you will scoff at the possibility that a jet sweep runner can make yardage without having their flag pulled early. We disagree.

The video you are going to watch below is a good example of how you can generate a jet sweep, an around RPO and a drop back pass off of all of it. The great thing is it all looks the same to the defense. It makes the defense think. When defenses think, they play slow. Think Sean McVay and the LA Rams. it works for him and it will work for you.

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