FirstDown PlayBook Lineman View

By FirstDown PlayBook on Jun 28, 2023
Lineman View

Stop and think about it. Who spends the most time drawing practice cards & playbook installs? Yes, it is your offensive line coach. We understand that often it is self therapy. However, we cannot deny that this dude spends a lot of time in a cave drawing protections and blocking schemes for hours. He is the main reason we created The FirstDown PlayBook Lineman View.

Look, we understand that line coaches gonna line coach. Yes, defensive line coaches, we mean you too. So FirstDown PlayBook has made it as easy on you as you can imagine. The FirstDown PlayBook Linemen View allows a coach to zoom in on their work. Line coaches know it is a lot harder to draw a zone block on a 3 tech than it is a dagger concept. It just is. A Pirate stunt requires more detail than showing cover 3 on a play drawing. Sorry Coach Prime…it just does.

FirstDown PlayBook Players App Launch On July 10!

FirstDown PlayBook coaches have always had the ability to zoom in on the linemen as they are drawing. This made it easier to draw detail blocking schemes and defensive line play. Now coaches will be able to save the drawings as a “Lineman View”. In other words save the drawing of what matters to them…their players. This will allow coaches to present a focused drawing on just the interior blocking scheme or run fit for the defense.

The FirstDown PlayBook Lineman View Gets Your Line Coach Back To His Players

The FirstDown PlayBook Lineman View will add a whole new dimension to the already popular PlayGrids. Now line coaches and linebacker coaches will be able to present drawings that show footwork. There are several settings that let you determine how much you want to zoom in before you save the play. You will also be able to save the play at any spot on the field.

We can only hope that you line coaches will also begin to take advantage of the FirstDown PlayBook Templates & Stencils section at some point too. Once you save your Linemen View drawings you can turn that into a stencil. Now you do not have to re-draw it the next time. Now you can spend more time on your left guard’s second step…

The FirstDown PlayBook Linemen View Will Convert To All Field Sizes

This new technology allows you to move drawings back and forth from a normal field view to the lineman view. This allows you to use the same drawings for your zoomed in linemen view as you do for your full field view. In other words, this is not going to just provide you with a better linemen drawing tool. It is also going to save you a ton of time. Curious? Check out this short video.