FirstDown PlayBook Players App Coming July 10

By FirstDown PlayBook on Jul 2, 2023
Never Lose Your Work

We are excited to announce that on Monday, July 10, PlayBook Tech will launch your Players App for both FirstDown PlayBook and FastBreak PlayBook. This has been a priority for us in 2023 because it has been one of our most requested features for Team account members.

The benefits are obvious. The FirstDown PlayBook Players App will enhance everything we already provide for you and your team. It touches the core of what we all know as coaches. It ain’t what you know as a coach. it is what your players do. The Players app will allow you to communicate with your team instantly where they live…on their smart phones.

We have worked very hard to make sure that the FirstDown PlayBook Players App and the FastBreak PlayBook Players app are simple and easy to use. Your staff and your players will be able to easily access any playbook information that you choose. This means you can share your PlayCards and PlayGrids with your players too.

The FirstDown PlayBook Players App Will Allow Your Team To Walk Into Your Building Better Prepared On Monday Morning.

The FirstDown PlayBook Players app will also allow you to use the relatively new video paring functionality too. Your players will be able to access the complete triangle of learning. They can access a well designed play drawing, a video clip and the all important coaching notes.

When you players walk into your school on Monday morning they will have already studied who they are going to play as well as key points to that week’s game plan. This is the same powerful type of advantage that NFL and major college football teams use. It gives them a huge advantage as they are preparing their quarterbacks for game week. It allows your quarterback and your defensive leaders to become more like a coach that week as you install your game plan. Also remember that you can have your feeder programs on this too with a FirstDown PlayBook Team account.

So here is how it will work. If you are a FirstDown PlayBook Team account owner, we will notify you next Monday about the launch. We will give you detailed instruction on how your coaching staff and team can download the app. If you are one of our many Single User members who have waited on this to upgrade, we can help you with that too. Once again, it will be very straightforward and we will be here to help you every step of the way.

Gerry Gallagher