Easily Create Your Football Formations

By FirstDown PlayBook on Jan 16, 2024

This is one of our favorite times of the year here at FirstDown PlayBook. This is the time of the year we work with coaches who are beginning to draw their football playbook for next fall. Anyone who has drawn a football playbook knows that a good place to start is with your football formations.

Coaches who are working on their playbook organization in January are normally some of the most organized coaches we work with. It just makes sense. They are planners and and get out in front of the game before spring practice and certainly fall football camp.

FirstDown PlayBook has made it simple to create your football formations section. We have a FirstDown PlayBook Community Formations section where you can find every formation known to football. These formations are different than our normal playbook sections that have editable plays already drawn for you.

In this section you can find formations with no defense included. However, if you wish you can also find formations with the defense already included. For the coaches who take the time to use this FirstDown PlayBook section, they have just saved hours of work.

Stop! Before You Start Your Football Formations Section Read This…

After you find your formation, you simply edit it, rename it and save it as your own. You can even save it in your Templates & Stencils section. After that, you can easily pop it on to your next drawing with one click of the mouse.

Keep in mind we are not just talking about offensive coaches. On a FirstDown PlayBook Team account the whole staff can get involved. Most good defensive coordinators like to have a formation recognition section in their football playbook too. A quick vertical flip of any of these editable football formations makes this happen instantly too. Special Teams coaches can also utilize this.

FirstDown PlayBook Has Modified Youth Football Plays Too

Finally before you watch this video to see how you can save time as you create your football formation section know this. This is available for our youth football and flag formations too. Our 6 man, 8 man, 9 man and 12 man football coaches can also take advantage of this. Curious? Watch this video.

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