6/8/9/12 Man Football Grows…We Grow Too

By FirstDown PlayBook on Oct 28, 2021

6 man football. 8 man football. 9 man football. 12 man football. What would have seemed crazy to us awhile back is normal now. That is a good thing. So why is 6/8/9/12 man football progress? Because it is football. Yes, the numbers are different, but the coaching is not.

Imagine a world where your school’s population or your football playing numbers dropped to a point that you had to cancel the sport. The modification of our 11 man football rules to fit these adapted versions has allowed many players to continue playing. It has also allowed many coaches to continue coaching.

We know there are football purist out there who can’t see their way to opening up to these adapted versions of football. I will only promise you this. Odds are you will get your butt kicked the first time you ever coach 6 man football. It is a very different game and in many good ways. It is so fast and coaches have the ability to create on offense.

8 man football and 9 man football rules are pretty similar to our 11 man version. They both bring their nuances to a new coach, but the game itself is still largely dependent on who best coaches the fundamentals. Of course the 12 man version is pretty exclusive to our friends up north. It’s a different game with multiple players going in motion but at the end of the day it is still football.

6/8/9 Man Football Coaches Are Controlling The Controllables

Here’s our point. FirstDown PlayBook understands that the numbers may be changing in your neighborhood. There is a lot going on with our game that is out of a football coach’s control. What do we tell our players? Control the controllables. That’s what a lot of good football coaches are doing too.

12 Man Football Section Gets Better

Good coaches are adapting their teaching to continue coaching the game that we all love. FirstDown PlayBook is right there with them and you. We have steadily grown over the past ten years to include 6 man, 8 man, 9 man and 12 man football. Check out this video to see how we can help you teach and coach.