Modified Youth Football Too!

By FirstDown PlayBook on Dec 24, 2023
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Over the past 12 years FirstDown PlayBook has learned many lessons as we have served the football coaching community. No lesson has resonated more than that there are many ways to coach and play the game we all love so much. A good example of this is what some call modified youth football.

When you say modified youth football you have said a mouthful. You are basically using this term to describe teaching and playing the game with different numbers and at times, different rules. It is a good concept because at times limited numbers can be a challenge in some areas with youth and high school football.

Other reasons can include providing a safer and better model as youth football coaches introduce the game of football. This can mean players starting in a two point stance, allowing coaches on the field, among other things.

FirstDown PlayBook Is The Top Modified Youth Football PlayBook Provider

Here ar FirstDown PlayBook we have been on the front lines when it comes to providing an editable football playbook for any and all football coaches. We offer a 6v6, 7v7, 8v8 and a 9v9 football coach a tremendous starter playbook for offense and defense.

We also provide the high school coaches with more advanced plays for 6 man, 7 man, 8 man, and 9 man football. Here at FirstDown PlayBook we label these plays and defenses as “Varsity” & “Youth”. We draw the line between the two at 12 & younger and 13 & older.

Youth Football Modified PlayBook

At the end of the day, however, we leave this up to you. You can find plays in both sections and choose the ones that fit your players. This is not to mention that you can edit all of the plays to fit your team and player’s needs. Now FirstDown PlayBook offers you a Find a PlayBook section perfect for youth football coaches too.

This short video gives you a taste of how FirstDown PlayBook can help you if you coach modified youth football. We are also the number one football playbook tool for Pop Warner, American Youth Football and USA Football. Take a quick look to see how we help football coaches, however they coach the game.

James Coates