FirstDown PlayBook Formation Stencils & Templates

By FirstDown PlayBook on Jul 20, 2021

FirstDown PlayBook has drawn more football plays than anyone on the planet. Any challengers need to see our phone number and we can compare notes. This experience has taught us that stencils and templates are a critical part of this process.

Like most things in life, drawing football plays is all about time efficiency. If you are spending any amount of your time re-doing work then that is not the winning edge. Late nights drawing plays in the NFL drove that point home in a big way.

Print Your PlayBook(s) With One Click

If you are an experienced drawer you will rarely find a play, defense or special teams scheme that you have to draw from scratch. Why? Because you know exactly where to find a previous version of that play to copy and edit. This is even more efficient than having stencils or templates.

Most coaches have one of three systems for drawing football plays with FirstDown PlayBook…

  1. They take a FirstDown PlayBook play and edit it. Look, if you are just getting started then it’s really hard to beat this method. After all, we have done 75% of the work for you.
  2. Other coaches like to draw their plays from scratch. Hey, if that’s your preferred method then the FirstDown PlayBook play drawing engine will make you look like you draw for the Chiefs or Bucs!
  3. The third group of coaches like to use the FirstDown PlayBook formation stencils and templates. This way they start with an offensive formation on air (no defense) or vs pre-set defenses.

This third way is the subject for todays video. You will quickly see how the FirstDown PlayBook templates and stencils will save you a whole heap of time.