Why FirstDown PlayBook Has No Competition

By FirstDown PlayBook on Sep 30, 2023
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It’s a fair question I guess. We live in a world with so much noise and often times the noise is designed to confuse you. So when someone asks the question “What makes FirstDown PlayBook different than any other football playbook?” I quickly answer “It simple. No one else even does what we do so that is the first reason we are in a class by ourselves. This is irregardless of if you are looking for a high school playbook, youth football playbook or even a flag football playbook.

FirstDown PlayBook Offers You Over 35,000 Plays Drawn By NFL Coaches

You see, FirstDown PlayBook is the only football playbook resource that offers a coach over 35,000 football plays, offense, defense and special teams, all drawn by NFL coaches. We even offer you formation templates if that’s the way you roll.

Tackle and flag football for all ages from the NFL to Pop Warner or NFL Flag. It does not stop there. FirstDown PlayBook coaches can edit any and all of these plays to make them fit their team.

You Can Edit Any Of Our Plays Or Draw Your Own With Our Play Editor

Are there other playbooks out there that offer you a pdf or a non editable version of their plays that are drawn by who knows who? Yep. What are the odds that someone has the perfect playbook for your team without even knowing your roster? Zero. Even a flag football playbook needs a little tweaking to fit your personnel. Coaches purchase these pdf playbooks only to realize they don’t help them.

There are also companies that offer you a drawing tool. FirstDown PlayBook loves to compare our Play Editor tool to others. It is very obvious that no football coaches were invited to the meetings as they were developing the drawing too. Having a blocking line symbol an a curved line would be a good thought, but I digress.

We Invite Anyone Out There To Prove Us Wrong On This…Still Waiting.

The companies that do offer you a drawing tool offer you no play content. Why? Because either they can’t or they won’t. This leaves someone creating a youth football playbook with a whole lot of extra work when they begin designing plays and defenses. So at the end of the day FirstDown PlayBook has no competition. If we are wrong we invite you to speak up. This video explains more.