Special Teams Long Field Is “Football Smart”

By FirstDown PlayBook on Jan 23, 2024
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We were on a Zoom demo this week and the coach attending was a special teams coach. As we got into the FirstDown PlayBook special teams section, he stopped us and said “Well, that’s smart.” He reinforced it with “Having a special teams long field is football smart.”

His point was that he had not seen that before and it just made sense from a football point of view. Special teams plays are big field plays that take up 60 to 70 yards of the field sometimes. Special teams coaches have to deal with this as they practice on a daily basis.

It’s not just practice though. If you are going to execute a successful kickoff return, your players had better get to their designated landmark at the right time. If they do not your return will have poor timing and ultimately get blown up.

This is why a special teams long field is critically important when a coach is teaching off of a play diagram. Of course, any special teams coach knows this, but most playbook developers either don’t know or don’t care. We are the exception here at FirstDown PlayBook. Heck, we even have six special teams clinics in FirstDown PlayBook.

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Everything about FirstDown PlayBook, including special teams long fields, is football smart. We developed FirstDown PlayBook for a football coach, not a mechanical engineer. Yes, you can draw a curved line. Yes, there is a base, reach, cutoff block line ending. A line of scrimmage and defensive shades are all part of what we do as football coaches, so it lives in FirstDown PlayBook.

As you watch this video consider how you are teaching one third of your game plan every week. Are you really giving your players a chance to be successful if you aren’t as attention to detail as you are on offense and defense? The answer is “no”. The answer to correcting that is FirstDown PlayBook.

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Jay Graham