Yes, Football Clinics Are Expensive

By FirstDown PlayBook on Nov 28, 2023
FirstDown PlayBook as a clinic alternative

FirstDown PlayBook knows that football clinics are expensive to attend. The cost starts adding up pretty quickly when you factor in travel, hotels, and the clinic cost itself. It’s not hard to understand why though. College football coaches are making enough money now where clinics have to pay them a sizable amount to be away from their families in the off-season. Of course that cost gets passed along to you and the clinic sponsors and vendors.

Full disclosure, I have worked many a football clinic. I have attended them and I have flown across the country speaking at them. These days, I don’t attend many and when I do it is as a vendor. I can say with full certainty that some football clinics have merit, but not all. That’s just a fact.

When you start measuring the amount of actual football help you get compared to the amount of money you spend, it often just does not add up. Trust me, I am factoring in the fellowship that comes with drinking a few beers with your buddies too.

As we enter into the 2024 football clinic season, FirstDown PlayBook brings serious value to a football coach who wants to learn right from their own computer 365 days in a year and 24/7. Many coaches already use FirstDown PlayBook as a football clinic resource. We hear about it every year.

FirstDown PlayBook Offers a Coach a Football Clinic 24/7 365 Days Of The Year

Many coaches use the detailed content that they find in FirstDown PlayBook and edit this to fit their own system. These coaches save this into their very own playbook areas. FirstDown PlayBook allows a coach to easily tag something that they can go back later and study with more detail.

Don’t forget too that FirstDown PlayBook doesn’t just offer you over 35,000 football plays, defenses and special teams schemes. We also offer you player assignments, coaching points, quarterback get he point. It is a football clinic that you can sit down and take your time with.

Also keep in mind that the coaches that draw these plays and contribute the coaching points are veterans. FirstDown PlayBook is comprised of former NFL football coaches. The new FirstDown PlayBook video pairing feature is also going to make it easier to create useful off-season studies for your entire staff.

So if the football clinics you see out there are a little to rich for your taste, take a look at this video and see how you and or your football staff can combine your FirstDown PlayBook program management system with your clinic needs all for one price.

Scott Criner on FirstDown PlayBook