Good Football Coaches Communicate

By FirstDown PlayBook on Nov 25, 2023
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FirstDown PlayBook has never known a good football coach who could not communicate well. Sometimes when you hear folks talk, you would think that being a great motivator is all it takes to be a good coach. It’s easy to talk about culture and motivation. However, when that ball is snapped your players better know what to do or your culture is going to be irrelevant. Good football coaches communicate well.

What is somewhat subjective is how coaches communicate. Some are better on the field, others shine in the classroom or film session. If you are a head coach or a coordinator, you better be good at all of it. This is always at the front of our mind here at FirstDown PlayBook as we develop new ways to help coaches teach and communicate.

We saw a great example of this on Twitter this week. One of our FirstDown PlayBook football coaches was posting about an NFL passing game concept. He did an excellent job of using the FirstDown PlayBook colors to teach the concept.

Having the ability to teach your players with a well drawn play, defense or special teams scheme is a powerful teaching tool in itself. When you pair that with colored coaching points right on the drawing that corresponds with the player color, now it becomes more powerful. Are you hearing me scout team coaches?

Can’t Communicate? Can’t Coach Football.

It just makes sense when you look at the world your players live in today. You don’t see video games or apps in black and white do you? Of course not. The people who make a living by attracting eyeballs have known this for a long time now.

FirstDown PlayBook makes it easy for football coaches to keep your players’ attention. Now that you can pair video with a well drawn diagram, you are teaching your players with a drawing, text coaching points right on the drawing and a video clip of that play.

The more ways FirstDown PlayBook can help good football coaches communicate the better off we will all be. When we say this, we mean youth football coaches and flag football coaches too. Take a look at this 50 second video to see how easy it is to elevate your player communication and productivity.

Ken Benoit