New! Practice Scripts & Cards Made Easy

By FirstDown PlayBook on Jun 8, 2022
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Ask any coach what eats up a bulk of their time during the season and they will mention creating practice scripts and practice cards. The new FirstDown PlayBook Practice Scripts feature just changed that in a big way.

One of the central problems with preparing for a football practice is that you spend time duplicating your work. Even worse, coaches end up constantly repeating your work. The Practice Scripts feature allows you to create your practice cards and practice scripts all at once.

Here Are The 3 Simple Steps To Creating Your Practice Scripts & Cards

1. Create Your Practice Cards

FirstDown PlayBook coaches already know how easy this is to create your scout team cards using FirstDown PlayBook. You can create your plays from scratch using the best drawing tool available. You can also find plays or defenses or stencils and edit them to fit your needs.

2. Enter The Play Information For Each Practice Card

Any organized practice period is going to include information like yard line, hash, formation and play information. The same goes for a defensive or special teams script. You can now add that information right along side the practice card as you create them.

3. Print Your Practice Script & Cards With the Touch Of A Button

Didn’t think we would get here this fast did you? Well it really is that easy. Once you have your cards and play information in, you simply print that practice period. You will first see a well designed legible script that has your play information on it. Followed by that your practice cards in the proper order to match the script.

NEW! Print Wristband Sheets Too!

The short video below will take you through the steps, but it really is that easy. One other thing before we go. You never have to lose your practice cards again. The new FirstDown PlayBook Practice Script area allows you to always save your work. Running some of the same plays in practice on Thursday that you did on Tuesday? That’s right. You just duplicate that play for your script and move on to the next play!

Practice Scripts & Cards Made Easy With FirstDown PlayBook!