Special Teams Practice Script Solution

By FirstDown PlayBook on Jun 16, 2022

Anyone who has coached a single down of special teams understands that one of the challenges is that you have players scattered all over the football field. You also know that having a detailed special teams practice script is essential. Without it, you will spend your time yelling to the other side of the field trying to stay organized. That is not going to help you come game day.

A Special Teams Practice Script Will Save You A Lot Of Headaches

The obvious solution is to have a well planned period. One that includes scout team cards and also a special teams practice script for the phase you are working on. This is easier said than done. You have to remember that you will not only be coaching your phase. You will also want to make sure someone is coaching your scout team well. Whoever is coaching your scout team is on the other half of the field.

The new FirstDown PlayBook Practice Scripts coaching tool just took a lot of the pain out of getting this part of practice prepared. When you draw your scout team cards for that practice period your script is automatically created for you. This makes it easy to stay on the same practice rep. It eliminates the yelling and screaming at the scout team coaches at the other end of the field.

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You also don’t have to worry about the scout team cards getting out of order. Every card is printed with the rep number and all of the information specific to that practice rep. So as you are setting up your offensive and defensive practice scripts don’t forget to include your special teams practice script too. This is something that can help your coaches at all levels including your feeder programs.

Gerry Gallagher