NFL Flag Football Section Grows Again

By FirstDown PlayBook on Sep 22, 2022

2022 has been a sensational year for FirstDown PlayBook and our NFL Flag Football coaches. It’s not hard to understand when you look at it.

No one can minimize what the NFL has offered the youth across America with the sponsored tournaments and jerseys. It’s not just good business, it’s good for all parties. Understanding how flag football has changed the football landscape is not a novel idea either .

FirstDown PlayBook has been in this arena for more than a minute these days. We have seen a lot. It dates back to our 30 years of coaching, including the 9 in the NFL. We know sometimes there are gaps that totally neglect the engine that makes the whole thing run. That gap in this case is the busy mom & dad who coach the NFL Flag football team.

FirstDown PlayBook Has Not Forgotten The Flag Football Parent Or Coach

There are plenty of pictures of happy kids playing the game we all love. As is often the case though, what is left out is the parent or coach. The parent and/or coach who is ridiculously busy. Another parent who just busted out x amount of money for a their kid’s favorite NFL Flag jersey. Finally, the parent, who now is…you got it…expected to coach the team!

FastBreak PlayBook Launches In November!

FirstDown PlayBook has not forgotten about the parents or the coach. This is why you have flocked to a place where you can quickly get NFL Flag plays drawn up by… drumroll please… actual NFL coaches. Not sure you can get that on the NFL Flag Football website but we may be wrong. FirstDown PlayBook plays also come with coaching points and player assignments.

Yes, The Colors Mean Something To Your Flag Football QB

So tomorrow morning you will find more FirstDown PlayBook NFL Flag football plays drawn up. Just like the one you see here. They will have most of the work done for you. They will have coaching points too. Most importantly we have not served up a pdf to you. These plays are your plays and defenses. You can edit them. You can own them.

Matt Leinart On FirstDown PlayBook