FirstDown PlayBook Will Begin Drawing Your NFL Flag Plays

By FirstDown PlayBook on Aug 23, 2021

NFL Flag is doing a good job of promoting flag football across the nation this year. That is a welcome sight. As the official playbook of NAIA Women’s Flag and the first ever national champions, we are exited about that. The NFL Flag plays they are offering are only in a pdf format though.

One of our FirstDown PlayBook coaches wrote in last week and asked us for favor. He pointed out that he uses FirstDown PlayBook because for his 5v5 flag football team. Obviously, he likes the fact that he can edit our thousands of plays as well as create his own.

He mentioned that there were some of the NFL Flag plays on the NFL Flag playbook that he likes. These plays are offend online in a pdf format. This coach knows that he can go into FirstDown PlayBook and draw them himself. However, like most coaches volunteering their time, he is stretched thin.

He asked if we could go in and draw up some of the better designed plays in FirstDown PlayBook? His thought, and it is a good one, is that there are other coaches who could take advantage of this. There is no real way to make a custom playbook with the pdf. Also, there is certainly no way to create wristband sheets.

Well, we have a lot going on right now here at FirstDown PlayBook but we agreed. We will try to get in there over the next few weeks and draw some of these NFL Flag plays. Once again, most of them already live in FirstDown PlayBook. If we find ones that are not we will draw them and offer them to you in an editable format.

Watch this short video to learn more about how this will work and how to find the NFL Flag plays. FirstDown PlayBook will provide several ways to find this new content. You can take a free look at it right now by looking below.