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FirstDown PlayBook™ is an all-in-one youth football playbook platform. Perfect for all levels ranging from kids football leagues to high school & college!

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Kids Football Plays Drawn By NFL Coaches

Drawn by NFL Coaches

All youth football running plays blocked vs. multiple defenses. Youth pass plays have quarterback reads.
Thousands of Editable Youth Football Plays

34,000+ of Editable Youth Football Plays

All plays come with coaching points and player assignments. Or create football plays for kids using our football play designer!
Youth Football Playbook Organization

Playbook Organization

Easily organize your youth football plays into playbooks that fit your system using the best football playbook designer available!
Print Kids Football Plays & Playbooks

Print & Share Plays & Playbooks

Instantly print and share your youth football plays and playbooks as PDFs or prints using the #1 football playmaker for coaches.
Kids Football Offense & Defense Plays

Offense and Defense

Offensive plays and defensive plays for all ages of youth football. 12 youth offensive formations and 6 youth football defenses.
Youth Football Video Pairing

Football Play Video Pairing

Quickly pair your MP4's, YouTube Videos and Hudl Highlights with your youth football play drawings.
View Kids Football Plays on Any Device

Any Device

Use FirstDown PlayBook on any device with a web browser. Football player app coming soon!
Helpful Football Tools

Helpful Football Tools

Print football wristband sheets (with images or text). Create football practice schedules. Easy to use templates and stencils.

Youth Football Plays Drawn with FirstDown PlayBook™

Youth Football Running Play Image

Youth Football Running Plays

Youth Football Defensive Formation Image

Youth Football Defenses

Youth Football Passing Play Image

Youth Football Passing Plays

"FirstDown PlayBook is a great tool for all levels, be it flag or tackle, beginner or experienced. The preloaded offensive concepts make it easy for beginners to jump in, and the play editing ability allows more experienced coaches to take their play calling up a level. Easy to use, and one of the best programs on the market."
Why Matt Leinart Uses FirstDown Playbook for His Flag Football League

Matt Leinart

2004 Heisman Trophy Winner

From Our Coaches Community Site

Yes, Football Clinics Are Expensive

Yes, Football Clinics Are Expensive

Nov 28, 2023

When you start adding up the cost associated with attending a football clinic it brings pause to a lot of football coaches out there.

Good Football Coaches Communicate

Good Football Coaches Communicate

Nov 25, 2023

Sometimes you would think motivation and culture is all it takes to coach. FirstDown PlayBook knows good football coaches communicate well.

Eagles Jet Sweep Freezes Chiefs’ Linemen

Eagles Jet Sweep Freezes Chiefs’ Linemen

Nov 21, 2023

The Eagles ran this jet sweep with a level of precision and speed that there was no need to even block the Chiefs' defensive line.

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