8 Man Football QB Power Read

By FirstDown PlayBook on Jun 5, 2022
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This 8 man football Power Read gives you numbers on offense. Any OC at any level and coaching any variation of football likes that. There are ways to be creative with your 8 man football offense but there are also ways to use traditional 11 man concepts.

This 8 man football play does 3 primary things to gain a numbers advantage on this play. Let’s take a look at them and you will see that they are applicable in 11 man football as well. As you can see on this play, sometimes it’s a good thing to not have any receivers to the play side of your run.

1. The Jet Sweep Runner Makes This a 2 Back Run

When you motion a receiver into the backfield as a potential ball carrier, you have done a lot to get the defense on their heels. When this ball is snapped, it is a three back run play. You have two backs that can potentially have the ball in their hands at the end of the play.

You also have a load or lead blocker for your Z on the jet sweep. Not bad for a play that looks like a one back set moments before the ball is snapped. What does the defense have to counter? Yes they will run the corner back inside but, as we know, most corners don’t like to tackle.

2. Reading The End On This 8 Man Football Play Is Almost Unfair

Look at the predicament of this poor defensive end to the play side. He has a near back who can load him. He has a pulling guard who can kick him out. Oh yeah, meanwhile the quarterback is reading him on to see if he is going to play the Jet Sweep or QB Power.

This is not to mention the fact that some offensive coordinators don’t even block the end on a jet sweep. Why? because the ball is by them so fast they cannot react in time. Once again remember, this end is the last line of defense in 8 man football. There is no corner support to his outside.

FirstDown PlayBook - QB Power Read vs 4-2 Over

3. Adding The QB To The Numbers Always Makes It Easier

This is so common these days that it is almost redundant to mention. However adding the quarterback to your run game numbers always gives you an advantage. You see this on a regular basis now even in the NFL. Coaches are willing to risk injury to talented but average running quarterbacks like Josh Allen on a QB Counter to get the first down.

So this is why this 8 man football QB Power Read is just more of the same. When you look at this play, if it is run with speed, you are going to get a widening of at least two defenders. One for the H and one for the Z on the Jet Sweep. The down blocks on the power are almost certainly going to split this defense for the QB Power.

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