If It’s Close It Might Take A Trick Play Or Two

By FirstDown PlayBook on Feb 2, 2020

Could it be a trick play that decides this huge game tonight? It’s almost hard for even a football coach to look at this game tonight as just another football game. The two weeks leading up to the game are full of so many distractions and it is so different than normal preparation.

The teams have been in Miami using different facilities. Sleeping in a different bed. Meeting in a different building. Their families have been around more than usual. Ticket requests are suddenly an issue.

However, other than the many commercial breaks and a long halftime the game will still be played for sixty minutes. The team who turns the ball over the least and plays well on special teams will still probably win.

If it is a well played game by both teams and both defenses are honed in on the normal game plan for the other team you might see a trick play or two that impacts the game. We all remember the “Philly Special” right?

These coaches have once again had two weeks to prepare. Two weeks to see how the other defense normally reacts to certain formations and plays. This is the type of thing that can lead to a trick play that uses the defense’s tendencies against themselves.

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FirstDown PlayBook has always appreciated the importance of a good trick play called at the right time. That’s why we have a section devoted just for trick plays in the varsity offensive section. We had the “Philly Special” in there before it was the “Philly Special”.

Here is an example of one of the trick plays in this section and if you are a FirstDown PlayBook coach tap on the drawing and we will take you right to that section. Enjoy the game tonight!