How To Find Your Youth Football Chalk Talks

By FirstDown PlayBook on Jul 16, 2021

Youth football season is most definitely here. We are seeing an explosion of youth football coaches getting on board with FirstDown PlayBook. Of course we are excited to provide all of the youth football playbook content but there is more. Today we want to make sure you know how not find your youth football chalk talks.

FirstDown PlayBook is providing ten youth football chalk talk clinics in your youth football section. Everyone of these clinics lasts about 50 minutes. FirstDown PlayBook takes you through our installation thoughts and advice for ten different topics.

On the offensive side of the ball we cover:

  1. The Power Run Game
  2. The Sweep Run Game
  3. The Counter Run Game
  4. The Option Run Game
  5. The Jet Sweep Run Game
  6. The Passing Game

On the defensive side of the ball we cover:

  1. The 6-2 Defense
  2. The 4-4 Defense
  3. The 5-3 Defense
  4. The 5-3 Bear Defense

One of the best things about these youth football clinics is that they do not just consist of someone coaching the material. A large part of these chalk talks is us answering questions from youth football coaches just like you.

This is an exceptional tool to have as a youth football coach. Now when you begin to find your FirstDown PlayBook plays and defenses you have built in help with how to install them. The amount of time this saves you is more than a little significant.

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So as we begin to prepare for a special youth football season that some of us have been waiting for for over a year, we are as excited as you are. We want you to enjoy it and one huge way we can help you is to make sure you can find all of the FirstDown Playbook coaching tools. Regardless of if you are running a youth football 6-2 defense or a Power I offense we have help for you.

The short one minute video below will show you how to get to the youth football chalk talks in just a few clicks of your mouse. Take a look.