Jet Sweep From 2 Back Slot Formation

By FirstDown PlayBook on Oct 12, 2022
#1 Tool For Youth Football Coaches

The 2 Back Slot formation offers you a lot of flexibility with your youth football play calling. You have two backs in the backfield and that gives you some downhill punch inside of the tackles. You also have a slot passing game to the weak side. This 2 back slot formation is going to come in handy as you design pass plays for your younger quarterback who’s arm strength is still developing.

It should also not be lost on anyone that with a simple motion across the formation you are in a double width formation. Defenses know this and must be ready to defend a simple Z motion. This makes this 2 back slot youth formation hard to defend.

The thing that we focus on today however, is the ability to get the ball into your skilled receivers’ hands without even throwing it to them. The evolution of the Jet Sweep, Arounds and Reverses over the past several years forces a defense to defend the entire field horizontally as well as vertically.

We talk about this in today’s short video detailing the 2 Back Slot youth football formation. This is the last of your football offensive formation breakdowns. Tomorrow we will provide you with links to all twelve. These will come in handy as we begin to crank up the youth football season for 2023!

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