Youth Football Play Action Pass

By FirstDown PlayBook on Mar 31, 2022
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If we were coaching 9-10 year old players we might never throw a drop back pass. We would depend almost exclusively on a youth football play action pass game. We would also find a boot pass or two and a couple of sprint out passes. These plays offer the option to run the ball and they get the QB moving towards the target.

When you are coaching players that age you have to really get them open to complete a pass. 80% to 90% of youth football plays are runs. It is only natural that the defenses will lock in at some point. The youth football linebackers may not be Mike Singletary but they know the ball has been handed off almost every down.

At some pintail your youth football quarterback has to do is stick the football in your tailback’s gut. Once he does this, the linebackers will be screaming downhill to make the play. This is where the play selection is important. You have to make sure that your receiver is running into voided area created by the aggressive linebacker.

Youth Football Play Action Pass

We often see play action passes designed to be thrown to a receiver whose defender has nothing to do with stopping that run. Our sample youth football play action pass drawing below is set up to pick on the strong side linebacker. There are a couple of things you are baiting him with here.

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First you are leading both backs downhill right at him. He has seen this lead play three or four times in the game already. He is going to step up to meet the fullback. If the young linebacker actually does happen to read pass then you are also baiting him with the Y tight end. This youth football play action pass concept picks on the Sam linebacker two ways. He has a conflict of assignment.

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The combination of these two things should allow your Z to come open just as they come inside to the curl area. The Z receiver will be open. The quarterback just has to make a convincing fake and get the ball to the Z before they get too far over the middle. If that happens the Mike linebacker can be a problem.