Football Job Season & Your PlayBook Work

By FirstDown PlayBook on Jan 5, 2023

It is football job season for college and high school coaches across the country right now. The NFL will surely follow suit here next month. Everyone is looking to solve problems by changing coaches or in some cases, the coach is just moving on to a new job.

There is a lot being made about how much money is wasted by paying multiple coaches and paying huge amounts of money to get out of lucrative contracts. At the high school level, the dollar amounts are not nearly as large as college or the pros, however there are losses that can’t be recouped. Most of this is due to poor preparation on the part of football programs and football coaches.

We are referring to the amount of intellectual property that walks right out your school’s door when a coach leaves. We also are referring to the amount of work that a coach leaves behind when they change jobs. Every year around this time we get a lot of questions from coaches wanting to know about a playbook transfer as they change jobs. This is something we have planned out from the very beginning here at FirstDown PlayBook. This is because we have seen the waste that takes place during job season.

There are a lot of different scenarios that can come up during football job season. A head coach changes jobs or an assistant coach moves on. Trust us when we say we have a plan for each and every situation. Why? Well, because we have been there before. We have seen coaches who move from job to job repeating work everywhere they go. This crushes a coach’s chance to grow and build. Instead, they spend all of their time repeating work instead of teaching.

“We have heard of others who actually charge you to “house” your playbook content while your account is dormant. That is just stealing.”

The one consistent thing to know about FirstDown PlayBook is that your work will never be lost. Even if you are a coach who sits out a year, FirstDown PlayBook keeps your work in a secure place, until when you are ready to come back. It’s also important to note that we do not charge you to keep your playbook material when you are away either. We have heard of others who actually charge you to “house” your playbook content while your account is dormant. That is just stealing.

Football Job Season Or Any Other Season; FirstDown PlayBook Never Loses Your Work

If you have joined FirstDown PlayBook with a program membership it is still pretty straight forward from a technical side. We can transfer playbooks over and leave the work behind for the new staff or not. That is obviously up to the school who paid for the membership and/or the head coach. If you have a Single User membership, odds are you won’t have to do a thing.

It’s 7on7 Season Too. How Are You Coaching It?

When we work with coaches who are moving on to another job, that is when we work hard to protect the school, the head coach and the assistant coach. That may require a few phone calls, but that is okay. The football job season sometimes requires some extra work on our end to ensure everyone maintains their playbook work.

What we do want you to know is that rule number one here at FirstDown PlayBook is “Coaches never lose their work.” So if and when you find yourself needing to transfer your work, just call us. We promise you that during this football job season and beyond we have plan.

Ken Benoit