Mesh Concept Basics: 024 F Wheel

By FirstDown PlayBook on Jan 14, 2023
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As the 7on7 leagues and teams begin to get organized for 2023, there are a few things that jump out at us here at FirstDown PlayBook. As we were detailing out the mesh concept in the video below, it occurred to us how important 7on7 has become to young quarterbacks.

When you turn the tv on or watch prep teams play each weekend, you are seeing more and more of young quarterbacks creating with their legs. They are extending a play so that they can find an open receiver downfield. They also may be taking matters into their own hands..uh feet and scrambling for huge chunks of yardage. Regardless of if the play called is like our mesh concept, other factors often take over before the play develops.

When a quarterback does this, it is a great weapon to bail himself and the coordinator out of a bad play. However, what this usually means is that the original pass play called was not executed or read properly. Of course both player and coach will take it, as they move the chains for another first down.

7on7 Training Forces A Young QB To Find Answers With Their Arm Not Their Legs

However, that brings us back to this 7on7 mesh concept we are teaching today. In 7on7 there is no scramble for a first down. There is no extending the play for someone to get open. There is a snap and a set amount of time fo the ball to be delivered. Period.

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This forces the quarterbacks, receivers and coach to be very detailed with the mechanics and execution of the play. This is why 7on7 has gone from being a villain in the world of high school football to being a bit of a savior. Quarterbacks must take the proper drop and use the correct footwork. Receivers must run detailed routes. Coaches have to teach the proper reads and demand precision from the players.

This mesh concept out of a 11 personnel bunch formation is a good example. For someone watching from the sideline there looks to be a lot going on. It’s only when the play is broken down into parts that it is revealed as a very simple triangle read with an alert.

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Take a look at the video to see what we are referring to. You may coach your mesh concept a little differently, but probably not much. The important thing is that your play drawings and your coaching notes are presented to your players in a clear and concise manner. If you do that, odds are that your offense is going to be okay. Enjoy the video.

Mike Carter