Flag Football Play Challenge

By FirstDown PlayBook on Apr 5, 2024
Official PlayBook of NAIA Women's Flag Football

Flag football is an exciting world these days. To say the game is exploding is a vast understatement. Trust us, FirstDown PlayBook follows flag football closer than anyone out there. We have to, because you demand that we offer you the latest plays and defenses showing up on the flag football field. Today we want to turn the tables a bit. We are offering you a flag football play challenge.

This is not complicated nor do we want it to be. It’s actually quite simple. We challenge you to show us what we don’t know. Show us your latest, greatest play or defense. You play with so many numbers out there. It ranges from 4v4 to 9v9. We spend a lot of time on 5v5 flag football and NFL Flag plays but we know there are others that need attention too. 6v6 flag football, for instance seems to be exploding as well.

Are You Drawing Your Flag Football Plays On A Flag Football Field?

Some of you shield block and some of you cannot. Quarterbacks are allowed to run in some leagues but not in NFL Flag sanctioned leagues. Motion? Some allow it and some do not. The “No Run” zones in most leagues make sense for a variety of reasons. Safety would be at the top of that list.

Our Flag Football Play Challenge To You Is Show Something New.

Flag Football defense? Same thing. Some play by the rules that only one player can rush the quarterback. Others allow pressure. There are leagues that have a horn to let the rusher know when they can get to the quarterback. The norm is to have a restraining line that the rusher must stay behind until the ball is snapped.

How To Use 2 QB’s With Your Flag Football Offense

Have we made our point? When you are FirstDown PlayBook and you serve all football coaches, the job can be immense. However, two things help us with that. First, we have the now popular FirstDown PlayBook Draw and Edit tool that allows you to take our plays and make them into yours or draw your play from scratch. The second is that FirstDown PlayBook consists of coaches who are always learning.

FirstDown PlayBook Is Always Learning From Our Coaches

The flag football play challenge? Send us something that you have actually run in a flag football game. Maybe it’s a different version of our flag football jet sweep? We want to learn from you. You can send us a play or defense, an article or even a video. If we like it we will hit you with a 25% discount code on your next FirstDown PlayBook or FastBreak PlayBook purchase.

FirstDown PlayBook offers you hundreds of flag football plays and defenses. This is just a small sample our 5v5 Flag Football formations. You should consider one or two of these for your NFL Flag offense. Tap on any one of the tiles below to visit the article describing that formation. After reading the article then go join FirstDown PlayBook and get busy coaching your NFL Flag team with the best playbook available!

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