6v6 Center Bunch = Smart Flag Football

By FirstDown PlayBook on Jun 12, 2024
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Here at FirstDown PlayBook we like to embrace the similarities that flag football brings when compared to 11 man football. Today however, we want to celebrate the differences and how you should take advantage of them with your 6v6 flag football Center Bunch (Crunch) formation.

Everything we told you earlier about your 6v6 flag football Bunch formation still holds true for Center Bunch. You are going to align three of your players in close proximity. However, now the bunch includes your center or your snapper. You still have the same release advantage when the ball is snapped with the chance for picks and rubs and defensive confusion.

One of the main reasons we like the Center Bunch, or Crunch as sometimes call it, is because of where the bunch is for your quarterback. The Crunch formation is right square in front of your quarterback. This provides easier throws for a young quarterback with a developing arm. It is also the first cousin of the 6v6 Doubles formation.

A lot of flag football offenses ignore the center, and that is a big mistake. Your center is talented enough to snap the ball every play, so our guess is that including them in your pass game is not a bad idea. Those picks and rubs that Bunch formation gave you now make the defense guess which side you will be targeting with your Center Bunch flag football formation passing game.

6V6 Flag Football Center Bunch Formation

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Different flag football leagues have different rules but if yours allows running the football, this formation gives you a nice core of bodies to shield block. There are also creative ways to get misdirection and quick shovel passes to the edge players in the bunch.

One last thing on the way out, don’t forget that this is a balanced formation. You still have a receiver to both sides. This gives you a chance to still spread your offense out on your flag football field. If the defense cheats inside to the Crunch formation then you have great one on one matchups outside. So as you consider your flag football offense give this Center Bunch formation a hard look.

FirstDown PlayBook offers you hundreds of flag football plays and defenses. This is just a small sample our 6v6 formations. Tap on any one of the tiles below to visit the article describing that formation. FirstDown PlayBook also offers 4v4, 5v5, 7v7, and 8v8 flag football plays and defenses.

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