3 Reasons To Run Flag Football Jet Sweep

By FirstDown PlayBook on Apr 19, 2024
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A lot of flag football coaches think that the only way to move the football is by passing it. This is a mistake. You need to have a run game or RPO game in your flag football offense. To take it a step further, we think you should have a flag football jet sweep in your offense.

The advantages of stretching the football field sideline to sideline are not exclusive to tackle football. In fact it may be more important in flag football when you stop and think about it.

There is really no inside run game with flag football offenses. The bulk, if not all of your ground attack, is going to come on the perimeter. That is not necessarily a bad thing for three reasons.

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First, you stretch the defense horizontally when you dial up a flag football jet sweep. Your flag football field is already more condensed than the normal 53 and a third yards for a normal football field. Use every inch of it.

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Secondly, a jet sweep and be a great way to set up a counter off of it or use the jet sweep as the counter. When you can’t block the opponent you must work to confuse them with misdirection. Confused defensive players will play slower. Advantage offense.

Finally, you can look just like the Eagles and run some great explosive down the field passes off of your jet sweep. These play action passes and RPO’s are back breakers to defenses that get caught up with their eyes in your backfield. They can be an important part of any flag or youth football offense.

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