Don’t Forget Your Running Back

By FirstDown PlayBook on May 3, 2023
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There is a good chance that your Running Back is the best football player on your team. You certainly hand it to him enough during the fall months, sometimes too much. It can be easy to forget that this time of the year as you conduct your 7on7 work.

However, when you get to the fall and defenses start loading the box against your run game everything changes. The defense has taken your great ball carrier out of the game. Now you are going to have to find ways to get him the ball through the air or he is not going to get enough touches.

Even if you are running an option concept on offense, a good defensive coordinator is going to take your running back away. They will make the obvious option for you to NOT give the ball to that great player. So here’s where we are going with all of this. This is the time of year to get the ball to your great running back during 7on7 work. Remember this as you start drawing up your pass plays.

There are so many different ways to include your running back in your passing game in FirstDown PlayBook. This includes ways to do this out of multiple formations too. There are ways to get them involved in an explosive like you see below.

However, there are also ways to essentially get the ball to them as a substitute for handing it off. This is such an important part of any offense with a stud running back. This can mean that you are going to incorporate some screens but it is not limited to that.

A lot of dictating how you will get your running back the ball is understanding your quarterback reads. Often times a pass play can be read several different ways depending on what you are trying to accomplish. Route adjustments are a part of this too. A smart offensive coordinator will run a common pass concept and dictate that the quarterback find the running back as number one in the read. An even better coordinator will consider the protection that allows the back to get out on the proper side.

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So although it might be tempting to have your back check down or swing every time in your 7on7 drills or competition, think again. FirstDown PlayBook can help you with hundreds of ways to keep your runnning backs involved. You will be glad you did come September.

Alex Van Pelt