Ten 7on7 Plays In Under 180 Seconds

By FirstDown PlayBook on Feb 17, 2023
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Time. Every human on the planet battles it daily. We all have the same rules that 24/7 dictates. Wealth cannot help you, status cannot help you and even the most organized person or coach will find it the toughest thing to deal with daily. So what does this have to do with today’s blog about 7on7 plays? Plenty.

At this point, most coaches understand that FirstDown PlayBook has over 35,000 football plays, defenses and special teams schemes. You probably understand that you can edit these to fit your own team. Finally, it is becoming better known that you can now pair your video clips with drawings and create your own installs without powerpoint.

How We Teach The Curl Flat With A Seam Route As Number 3

Here is what sometimes gets lost in translation with FirstDown PlayBook. When you watch this video you will see how we create a playbook of ten 7on7 plays in less than 180 seconds. Think about that for a moment. How long would it take you to do this? An hour or so?

These 7on7 plays and drawings are not just any diagrams either. They (like all FirstDown PlayBook plays) are drawn by NFL coaches, and they all have coaching points and quarterback reads. Regardless of if you were to scour the internet or dig through old paper playbooks, the time you save here is enormous.

We Created Your Free Ten 7on7 Plays In Less Than 180 Seconds

Time saved to do what? Well, maybe teach better, spend more time with your kids as players and people. Here’s a thought. Maybe get home earlier to spent time with YOUR spouse and kids. As a head coach, this responsibility lies squarely on your shoulders. Your job is to help your assistants with tools to save them time.

You may not be able to pay them. As a head coach you can’t do a lot about that $3,000 stipend you pay your assistants. However, you can provide them a coaching resource that makes all of your assistants’ life easier and more efficient for $700. That’s why watching us create this 7on7 playbook and pdf is proof positive about how FirstDown PlayBook brings something extra to the table for football coaches. You could do the same think with your offense, defense or special teams practice cards.

Use Switch Releases To Spring Open Your Double Digs

Before we head out today we want to invite you to see for yourself how quickly and easily you can create playbook information with FirstDown PlayBook, Heck the entire video takes 3 minutes. As a bonus, we have attached two versions of these ten 7on7 plays. One has the quarterback reads and the other does not. Enjoy the free gift and consider how much time FirstDown PlayBook can save you.

Alex Van Pelt