Trick Plays For Youth, Flag & High School Football

By FirstDown PlayBook on Jul 23, 2023
Wasting Time is no way to coach football. FirstDown PlayBook provides thousands of editable football plays for you.

Trick Plays can be complicated. You need to have them as a changeup to your base plan. However; any good coach will get their base football plays installed and fine tuned first. What often happens is a trick play gets installed haphazardly at some point during the season. It does not get practiced enough before it gets called in a game.

The result is often a play that fools the opponent but doesn’t work very well because of poor execution. Sometimes it is executed so poorly that it ends with a lost yardage play pr a turnover.

We are not just talking about youth football teams either. This kind of thing happens with trick plays at every level of football. You are as likely to see it on TV on Saturday or Sunday as you do in Pop Warner or NFL Flag game in your neighborhood. High school football teams are not immune either.

The secret is to always be on the lookout for trick plays and special teams fakes. This way you can have a library ready when you need it. This will allow you to spend your time properly installing the plays as opposed to surfing the internet looking for them. You can also spend time coaching your scout team on the proper look you will need to run the trick play.

Every football staff we were ever on assigned one coach to be in charge of collecting any good trick plays or special teams fakes that showed up on tape that season. The reason was so that when you were looking for something to spice your offense or kicking game up a little you had them all in one area.

You Can Get To Trick Plays For Any Age Group Very Quickly

FirstDown PlayBook has taken the same approach for our member coaches. What we have done is organize your playbook so trick plays are very easy to find. These sections are like everything else in FirstDown PlayBook, meaning they are always growing.

We have even made it very easy for you to sort the plays out by the age of your players. As you will see in this short 50 second video, you can easily get to youth football and high school football trick plays. Special teams fakes and flag football trick plays are also at your fingertips.

As every season plays out we will continue adding them for you too. Of course you can edit these plays just like all of the others in FirstDown PlayBook to fit your system. Take a quick look at this short video that explains how you can find this helpful FirstDown PlayBook trick plays!

Lane Powell