Consider Your Football PlayBook Source…

By FirstDown PlayBook on Mar 21, 2021

Yeah we see it…It’s click bate for you as you look for your football playbook.

“Hey look right here!!! We have drawn up every defense that Belichick and Saban ran this season!!!”

“This Pistol Flexbone Triple Option call right here will crush this defense!!!”

“Youth coaches, if you just line up in this formation that looks nothing like football you will be a happy coach on your recliner Saturday night!!!”

Here’s the problem…

Having every defense Belichick and Saban ran this season is like having a dictionary and expecting to be like Shakespeare. It has nothing useful for your football playbook.

That Pistol FlexBone Triple Option better be drawn up against multiple defenses and answers provide for each because the last time we checked they don’t tell you what defense they are playing.

You are hurting youth coaches and more importantly youth football players by teaching this thing that does a disservice to the game of football. Your football playbook can be better than that.

We don’t have all the answers…

However, for nine years we have stood up in front of a room of NFL players in an install meeting. If you are wrong or BS they will call you out in a second. They are very good at what they do and are critiqued daily. They have no problem treating you the same way.

So when you see a JV drawing tool presented to you, we know that is obvious. The play drawing looks like the play drawing looks.

Take it a step further though. Look at the content and ask yourself the question…Why does FirstDown PlayBook provide over 35,000 plays defenses and special teams schemes and they provide…