Spread Wing T Installation Update

By FirstDown PlayBook on Dec 9, 2021

Here is an update on the Spread Wing T installs that we mentioned last week. This has been a fun study. There are a lot of good coaches who are finding creative ways to expand on the traditional Wing T offense. Now having said that, there is nothing that we have found that is totally new.

These coaches have been smart enough to utilize spread formations to force the defense to do the same. Of course it is still somewhat dependent on your quarterback’s throwing ability but they have even been smart about this. The throws that they are asking their quarterbacks to make in these Gun Wing T and Pistol Wing T offenses are high percentage throws.

One of the best examples is how they are reading the backside inside linebacker on the buck sweep. It is the exact same principles that the zone read coaches are using. Now the quarterback does the same thing with the decision to hand off the buck sweep or hit a slant where that back side linebacker vacates.

The QB Power Read Gives You Numbers

They are also reading the backside 3 or 5 technique. This is a common sense solution to tilt the numbers back into the favor of the offense. When you blend this with various window dressing formations, you can appear multiple while remaining simple for your players.

As you can see below we are in the process of drawing up the buck sweep out of this Twins like Wing T formation. We are blocking the buck sweep vs multiple formations like we do all run plays on FirstDown PlayBook. This will be even better for this particular Spread Wing T section. This will give us the ability to draw up the various tags that are used vs specific defenses.

The Spread Wing T Plays Are Editable For Your Football PlayBook

Now once again, for those of you who do not know enough about FirstDown PlayBook. We are a football playbook company that provides you the best technology available. However, we are also coaches and we like to study football, draw it up for you in an editable format. This way you can quickly and easily use it as you are putting your football playbook together. This means you too youth football coaches.

So be on the lookout as we continue to install in the Spread Wing T, Gun Wing T, Pistol Wing T, or whatever you call it. We will expand this Buck Sweep install to include several formations. Then we will move on to some of the other popular Wing T concepts. Stay tuned and bang on the drawings below to check out FirstDown PlayBook’s free trial.