7on7 Seam Ball: Y-China F-Seam

By FirstDown PlayBook on Jun 19, 2023
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There is a lot of 7on7 action going on out there this summer? Yes, we know. There are many different schools of thought when it comes to 7on7, but at the end of the day it becomes pretty evident that the young players today like to throw the ball around 365 days of the year. That’s a good thing in our book.

Here at FirstDown PlayBook we try to provide you with year round football help. This is regardless of your approach to the off season. Today we want to show you a good example. We are going detail out a potent little scheme to create a seam runner from somewhere that you don’t normally get one.

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You will also see how, as we built the Draw and Edit tool, we had a lot of things in mind to help you. You can now draw your plays and schemes just like they do at the highest levels of football. We also had your players in mind. We understand if they don’t want to look at the play drawings or understand them then it’s all for naught anyway. The 7on7 play we feature today is a good example.

A couple of things about this 7on7 play that we detail in the video. First, we understand that some of you have never seen two backs in the backfield before. Trust us when we say that it’s coming back into vogue. If you are in this camp don’t be afraid to run this formation in your 7on7 work. You will be surprised at how defenses lose track of number three. especially on a play like this.

Take a look at this short 7on7 video as we get a running back involved down the seam and you will understand what we are all about at FirstDown Playbook. We did not forget the “football” part when we created a football playbook resource for you. Everything you see is designed to make your life as a football coach a little easier and productive.


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