7on7 Bunch Shallow Cross Thought

By FirstDown PlayBook on May 18, 2024
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From jump start, I want to point out that in your summer 7on7 league or practice a bunch formation might not get you a single safety. I want to follow that up by saying that, this fall if you can run the football at all with a bunch formation you will get a nosey safety every time. Having explained that let’s look at this 7on7 Bunch Shallow Cross.

Today we combine two of our favorite things in offensive football. We love the Bunch formation. Most defensive coaches do not know how to defend it. It presents a 3×1 formation overload to one side that forces the defense’s hand. It gives you leverage on the perimeter. Ask any poor corner defending a toss crack and they will agree.

Also, the route combinations you can run out of this formation are exponential. Picks and rubs are almost comically easy to create even at the NFL level. That is why many defensive coordinators focus on the 3×1 strong side. When you click on this play drawing you will see that is a mistake.

Click On The Formation To See Our 7on7 Bunch Shallow Cross Thought

The shallow cross concept is abundantly talked about and minimally understood. When done correctly, it is done as a triangle read. Somewhere you are going to have a Basic Cross, a Shallow route coming back across opposite of the Basic. The Drive concept has the Basic and the Shallow heading the same direction.

Bunch Shallow Cross

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When you click on this drawing drawing you will see our 7on7 Bunch Shallow Cross thought for today. We don’t have the splits on the drawing because that may depend on the hash the ball is on. Splits are also dependent on your personnel.