Bunch Formation Red Zone Pylon Throws

By FirstDown PlayBook on Dec 24, 2022

Just watched the Cowboys throw to the pylon against the Eagles. It reminded us of red zone pylon throws from tighter formations. The pylon is a natural landmark for offensive coordinators once their offense gets into the red zone. Having tall receivers helps but even if you don’t, it gives the quarterback and receivers a specific place on the field where the ball is to be thrown and the the receiver needs to be.

Just a pylon throw in itself is a great weapon in this part of the field. It can also be even more effective if you disguise where the red zone pylon routes are coming from. Today we detail a play that gives you two pylon throws. It is also from a formation that brings other threats to the table before the ball is snapped.

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The short video takes you through our coaching points and if you want to go take a look at the coaching points for yourself you can by going to this play in FirstDown PlayBook. Not a member yet? Don’t fret. We let you play around in the website for free right here. You just can’t print or share any of the plays of course.

Break This Red Zone Throw Out In This Week’s 7on7 Tourney

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We find that a lot of our FirstDown PlayBook coaches start out using it as their 7on7 tool. Eventually they transfer it into their full blown playbook. So get started with this red zone play that you will want to use this week in your 7on7 tourney. After that…who knows?!

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