Football Clinic Season Is Over. Now What?

By FirstDown PlayBook on May 4, 2023
FirstDown PlayBook Special Teams Clinic

Yes, the 2023 football clinic season is over. Any offense, defense or special teams help a young football coach is going to receive at this point is going to be marginal at best. Football clinics are an interesting part of our profession to start with. The people who benefit the most from them are the folks who put them on.

Trust us as a former clinic speaker, some coaches are not going to tell you very much about their scheme. The profession is just too competitive to reveal too much. It is guaranteed that when a coach gives a virtual clinic, all of their opponents will watch that video. If it were you, how much would you reveal?

This is not to say that all clinics are without value. The best way to approach a football clinic is to understand exactly what you are trying to get from it. This is what I want to point this out today. Stop and think about this for a moment. All across the nation high schools are hiring head coaches in May. Some will still be in this process well into June and maybe July.

Football Clinic Season Is Over & You Just Learned You Are Coaching The Punt Team…

If the school doesn’t even know who the head coach is going to be yet, how can they know who is going to coach the individual positions? Let’s take it a step further. There will be a lot of coaches who are going to find out they are in charge of the punt team in July! Talk about a recipe for disaster in September.

So let’s cut to the chase here. FirstDown PlayBook is pretty much a football clinic resource 365 days out of the year. However, when it comes to special teams we have 6 clinics, one for each special teams phase that can save any young coach who gets thrown into the fire at the last second. This includes more than just scheme too. There is an abundance of special teams technique help here as well.

The video below is from a little while back, but the point is still the same. The special teams clinic section featured in the video below explains how a young coach can get the advantage of learning from a 30 year NFL/college coach who has no games on the schedule next year and will not be hiding anything!