3-3-5 Defense May Change College Football

By FirstDown PlayBook on Apr 21, 2024
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If you run a 3-3-5 defense your workload just got significantly lightened. Over the weekend FirstDown PlayBook installed a large chunk of this 30 front defense in your “Find a PlayBook section. We did a lot of homework on this over the past three months. I thought I understood it, but we learned this is a different animal. We think the 3-3-5 defense may change college football for awhile.

It is a unique defense. There is no questioning that. It made us here at FirstDown PlayBook rethink how we organized this defensive install. There are coaches out there who will argue this point, but what makes this defense special to us is it always looks the same before the snap.

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If it is run correctly there are five defensive backs in an umbrella who are lined up the same, based on the formation that they are defending. If they are cheating, the defensive scheme allows them to do that because a quarterback is looking at something completely foreign to them.

The 3-3-5 Defense May Change College FootBall For The Next Decade

Middle of the field open or closed means nothing. This middle of the field is both open and closed at the snap of the ball. A split second after the ball is snapped the coverage is revealed, but far too late for a quarterback to ever take advantage of it.

Are there a lot of smaller players on the field? Absolutely, but this has to drive an offensive line crazy. There is no front structure to trust at the snap of the ball. Zone schemes have a chance, but even then you are going to be executing one on one blocks. There will be no double team zone blocks going on here. Duo blocks will even be hard to come by.

3-3-5 Defense

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Before you watch this short video consider this. This is football evolution. Offenses will now be forced to settle down and move the chains as opposed to chasing explosive plays on every snap. The weakness of this defense, in our opinion, is stopping a patient offensive coordinator. You decide for yourself.

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