3-3-5 Defense In Find a PlayBook Soon

By FirstDown PlayBook on Apr 2, 2024
Find a PlayBook is live!

One of the key ingredients of why FirstDown PlayBook and FastBreak PlayBook are so popular is that we listen to coaches. Over the past several months we have had quite a few requests for the 3-3-5 defense to be installed in our “Find a PlayBook” area. It has become more and more popular as coaches have seen it work for defenses like Nebraska and Kansas State.

Of course FirstDown PlayBook coaches have always had a resource for any type of defense by using our “Find a Play” area. There are thousands of editable defensive play drawings in there. There are 30 fronts, 40 fronts, Over, Under, Bear, Tight fronts in there. You name it and you can find a version of your defense in the “Find a Play” area.

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When we launched our new “Find a PlayBook” area a few months ago that stirred up some new conversations. Several coaches have wanted us to draw up and package a 3-3-5 defense in this area. So back to our original point, we have heard you.

The New 3-3-5 Defense PlayBook Will Be Organized By Coverage

On April 15 FirstDown PlayBook will install a 3-3-5 Defense in the “Find a PlayBook” area. Football coaches will be able to find all of their 3-3-5 defense packaged in one area. This is the key part of it. A lot of what goes into the “Find a PlayBook” area is how we package the playbook.

As you will see in the short video below we are organizing the 3-3-5 package by coverage. Essentially the 3-3-5 defense is predicated on looking the same pre-snap regardless of what defense you have called. From the 3-3-5 shell a defense can end up in a lot of different looks on the snap.

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So as you take a look at this short video to get a better idea of what we are working on for you, keep this in mind. Every football play and defense in FirstDown PlayBook is editable. The FirstDown PlayBook play editor allows you to tailor everything you find to suit your football team.