Ottawa Wins Fourth Women’s Flag Football Title

By FirstDown PlayBook on May 11, 2024

Imagine playing four years of college football, college basketball, college anything and winning a National Championship all four years. That’s what the Ottawa Braves just accomplished in Atlanta at the NAIA Women’s Flag Football Championship. The Ottawa Braves dominated the Keiser team 26-6 in Atlanta.

In past years we have featured the Ottawa players. Let’s face it their quarterback. Madysen Carrea and other players like Jazlyn Camacho have been the heart of why the Braves have won four Women’s flag football championships. Ask any good coach and they will tell you it starts with the players. This team and the past four years’ teams are no different. They were full of dominate players.

Today however, I want to point out the obvious. All four Ottawa Braves Women’s Flag Football teams were better coached than the teams they played. Liz Sowers and sister Katy Sowers have out coached, out detailed and out schemed opposing coaches for four years. This has been recognized with USA Football and many others.

Am I Saying The Ottawa Braves Women’s Flag Football Team Is Coached Better? Yes.

How do I know this? Well, several ways. I have watched the championship games in Atlanta and at times the regular season games too. Their players on offense and defense move with efficiency. The Ottawa teams play with more confidence than their opponents. The Ottawa women’s flag football players know what they are doing and have a plan.

The second way I know is that I can see their playbook. Something you will never do by the way. Liz Sowers was one of the first flag football coaches we had to use FirstDown PlayBook. It has worked out well for her and her Ottawa Braves.

Are You Drawing Your Flag Football Plays On a Flag Football Field?

Am I saying FirstDown PlayBook is the reason you win four women’s flag football national championships? Of course not, however, does it mean that Ottawa teaches better than the teams they consistently beat? Yes. The other coaches better catch up. If you think because they lose some great players after this year, they are going to fade then you have not heard of names like Belichick, Smart and Saban.

Angellica Grayson