6 Special Teams Clinics Sure To Help

By FirstDown PlayBook on Dec 27, 2023
Wasting Time

You have heard it here before. If you are a special teams coach you are going to fight for time and attention. Normally when we talk about this we are referring to the time that you spend with your players. Finding time to devote to special teams clinics is even harder.

Unless you are an NFL or major college football coach you are going to be working with the offense or defense too. We all know how that works. Once you get to the fall, the offense and defense always takes priority. You will be fighting for time to spend on special teams. This is why it is critical to get a lot of your special teams research in now.

FirstDown PlayBook has something to help you out with this. We have created six special teams clinic videos, one for the six special teams phases. NFL & college coach Charlie Coiner did these with special teams coaches just like you in attendance on six individual webinars.

We have had some questions over the past few weeks about where and how to find the special teams clinics. This short video below answers that and also gives you a better idea of what they are all about. Also keep in mind that FirstDown PlayBook has scheme and technique help available for special teams coaches.