Wing T Starting Point With FirstDown PlayBook

By FirstDown PlayBook on Mar 3, 2022
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With apologies to the Single Wing faithful, it is hard to find an offense more tried and true than the Wing T. Having said that, it is a complex offense to install with a youth football team. Our definition of a youth football team is 12 years and younger.

Here at FirstDown PlayBook we try to be careful about how we draw up plays for the younger players. A football play can be a great scheme, but pretty worthless if your players are not ready for it yet. This is why you see pretty basic schemes in the FirstDown PlayBook youth football Wing T section.

Please don’t get us wrong. We have your core Wing T plays in this section. By that we mean the Buck Sweep and the G Lead as well as other staples. We also try to take the formation and design other simple plays that an 8 or 9 year old team can run. We think this gives a youth football coach the best of both worlds.

Now the coach can choose which approach he or she wants to take. The coach can teach the Wing T formation and keep it very simple or get deeper into the scheme. Maybe the coach wants to do a little of both. Nothing wrong with that as long as the play list does not get too long. This is true for all of our youth football formations, including the Single Wing.

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Another big factor in all of this is that FirstDown PlayBook allows a coach to edit our plays. You can create your own too. If you have a favorite Wing T play like the Buck Sweep, you want to run then you can grab a formation template and have at it!

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So without getting in the weeds too deep on this play, it is a nice simple counter to defenses that over play your wing side. The great thing about having two backs is that they can become lead blockers on this play. After you run this a time or two your blocking numbers are going to be better for your next Buck Sweep too.

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Want to get the coaching points and player assignments for this and thousands of other youth football plays? It’s simple. Become a FirstDown PlayBook coach and start saving time drawing plays, defense, wristband sheets. We are here to help you enjoy being a youth football coach again.