How To Read The Snag Concept?

By FirstDown PlayBook on Jan 12, 2020

The Snag concept is normally a staple of any good passing game football playbook. It gives a young quarterback a simple read where everything is right in front of their face and just as important it allows the decision to be made quickly. Quick decisions by young quarterbacks are a good thing for everyone on the offensive side of the ball. How do you read the snag concept?

The snag is no different than a lot of passing game concepts in that there are varying opinions on how to read it. Obviously some of this is personnel driven. The formation and situation can also have a bearing on this. You can use this with your flag football offense too.

The FirstDown PlayBook snag concept area is pretty extensive. We include quarterback reads and coaching points for every play too. So how do you read the snag? High to low or take the flat if it’s there and move on?  We normally read it low to high in short yardage situations. Can you catch them napping on first down? Yes, and we address that too.

If you are a FirstDown PlayBook coach tap on the play below and we will take you right to that section. If you are not then what are you waiting for?