Youth Football Wing T Jet Sweep

By FirstDown PlayBook on Feb 6, 2022

Other than throwing it there is no faster way to get the football to the perimeter than with a Jet Sweep. It is a play that scares Defensive Coordinators because there is no worse feeling than having the ball end up either outside of your entire defense or behind your whole defense. There are many different formations to run it out of. Today we will introduce it to you out of the youth football Wing T.

The Jet Sweep also has a way of loosening up the interior of the defense after you run it a time or two. This compliments your inside running game. The Wing T offers you a chance to attack both areas. You will see the perimeter attack with this play. It’s a change up from the normal Buck Sweep. The inside runs are obvious to any Wing T coach.

The Wing T itself, comes in many different versions. As you can see here, the second back is really not even in the backfield. However, as you have seen with our Varsity Wing T installs, there are multiple formations showing up with Wing T elements to them.

We want to be up front and admit that zone blocking can be difficult to teach at the youth football level. Here is why we like this play though.

This is going to be blocked with pure outside zone blocking. So pure in fact that your offensive line may not block anyone on the first level. The offensive line is just going to take a zone drop step and start running a wide outside track.

The Jet Sweep Attacks The Defensive Corner

The idea is that the play hits so quickly that it is hard for the defense to penetrate inside enough to affect the play. If everyone understands this then you are going to have blocking where you need it. That is on the perimeter. If you are playing a penetrating defense the rules are simple for your offensive line. If someone shows up on your track…block them with outside leverage.

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It’s hard to not involve the corner when defending this play. Face it, this play is running right at one of the defense’s smallest players. That player is likely a poor tackler. The corner can play the jet sweep with their outside arm free. When that happens there is normally a jump cut inside for your jet seep runner.

The Fake To The RB Freezes The Linebackers

Most youth football linebackers are taught to read the running back as their key. It is hard for a young linebacker not to see the one back in the backfield barreling down on them to the opposite C gap. Even if they see it late this will be enough. Your offensive line will be able to get to the second level and then it is too late.