Youth Football Wing T Complimentary Plays Are Key

By FirstDown PlayBook on Oct 19, 2020

Sometimes when you look at a football play drawing it’s hard to see how the play will actually be successful. Take this youth football Wing T Fullback Trap play below. When you line up and run this against this 5-3 defense it is hard to see how the play side tackle can block the play side linebacker.

In order to understand this you have to understand the complimentary plays that should be run with the fullback trap. The two plays that come to mind immediately are the Buck Sweep and the G Lead.

Incorporate a Jet Sweep Into Your Youth Football Wing T Call Sheet

The Buck Sweep forces that play side linebacker to flow to the edge to defend the play. The G Lead has the pulling guard wrap up inside on the play side linebacker.

At the snap of the ball all three of these youth football Wing T football plays look the same. This is what makes the Wing T such a powerful deceptive offense to run even at the youth football level. The play side Linebacker struggles to be right.

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