Test Your Players With FirstDown PlayBook

By FirstDown PlayBook on Jun 21, 2019

The list of the ways that FirstDown PlayBook makes life easier for a football coach and makes his football team better is a long one. As we get closer to the 2019 football season there are more and more football programs who are understanding that there is a better use of their time than to be drawing plays and playbooks.

As FirstDown PlayBook coaches begin to free themselves up, the great thing is that there is more time available to devote to other things. Now, let us be first say that there is nothing wrong with using this time to  get home and actually see your own kids grow up but there are obviously other football things you can devote your time to.

The new technology that is offered with FirstDown PlayBook allows a position coach to actually test his position players directly from their private playbook area. The old adage goes that, it is not what the coach knows, but instead what the player knows that will dictate success an failure on game day.

FirstDown PlayBook allows you to easily test your players directly from your computer to theirs. As you will see, the test is not based on how much video the player has watched but instead it’s based on the player actually drawing in their assignments.

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The FirstDown PlayBook new Draw and edit tool is so easy to use your players will actually like taking the test that you give them at the end of a practice week.

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