Sound Shield Punt Rules

By FirstDown PlayBook on Mar 7, 2024
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One of the absolute hidden gems in FirstDown PlayBook is the special teams section. Today we are going to look at Shield Punt rules for this particular punt formation. However, before we do that, do yourself a favor and read this next paragraph.

The FirstDown PlayBook special teams section might just literally win you a game or two next season. This is not hyberbole either.

When you consider the vulnerabilities that many high school and even college teams take into a game when it comes to special teams, the risks and the opportunities are vast. Good head coaches look at this and see opportunity. Other head coaches ignore and accept that it’s not as important as offense or defense.

Now back to coaching up this shield punt formation. One of the big FirstDown PlayBook objectives, when it comes to special teams is to keep it simple. We understand that no player ever got involved with football because they wanted to be the left guard on the punt team.


Other than your specialists, your special teams players will care more about offense and defense than they do special teams. That is just a fact. Good special teams coaches work their tails off to appreciate this and to even leverage it when they can.

Your special teams game plan should be simple and concise. When it is possible it should be built on the same principles that your players are learning on offense and defense.

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This can include everything from the language you use when you coach your players to the drills and techniques you use to teach. This shield punt formation is a decent example. It utilizes a zone side and a man side for protection. The man side allows the protectors to be more aggressive and to get out into coverage.

This is pretty basic shield punt formation. However, it is one that you can build on if you want to expand once you are comfortable that your players have learned this one. FirstDown PlayBook offers a special teams coach many different formations. However, the emphasis is always on installing what your players can handle.

Special teams Coach Jim Hamilton